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RubbersIndia Polymer Products Pvt Ltd is a Reclaim & Rubber Crumb Manufacturer from Kochi, Kerala, India.

A large amount of waste tires is generated from transportation industry after full usage of tires, which become a serious environmental hazard if deposited in our landfills. We convert them into useful products like powdered rubber crumb and reclaim rubber through innovative and eco-friendly processes. Rubbers India Polymer Products Pvt Ltd is positively impacting the lives of millions of people, organizations, and industries –by globally reducing the carbon footprint and eventually adding our efforts to maintain the balance of the global eco systems.

Maintaining an extensive in-house research team and committed employees in all functions, the RubbersIndia facility continuously does various research and development activities to develop new recycling methods, processes and products, that are cost effective and superior in performance.

Reclaim Rubber

Reclaimed rubber, one of the major products of Rubbersindia Polymer Products Pvt Ltd, is a unique product recycled out of scrap rubber such as old tires, tread peelings, inner tubes and other rubber waste products. The finished products are in the form of black rubber sheets in different grades. We have standard nine grades as per customer requirements and further, we can also produce customized grades for specific applications.

Rubber Crumb

We have capability to manufacture rubber crumb powder and Crumb Granules of all sizes (10 mesh to 80 mesh)



Manufacturer of Reclaim & Rubber Crumb from specially sorted rubber products, utilizing latest technology, which can provide high quality reclaim rubber with unmatched physical & chemical properties.

Rubbersindia Polymer Products Pvt Ltd, with years of experience in similar sectors like Tire Industry, Tread Rubber Manufacturing, Rubber Mat Manufacturing, manufacture Rubber Reclaim of superior performance with unique manufacturing technology and systems. The company has competent research professionals who keep on improving processes and produce products that meet ever changing customer requirements based on product needs.


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Excellence In Quality

At Rubbersindia Polymer Products Pvt Ltd, we are committed to quality in every stage of the product cycle – materials to usage. We believe that Quality means – meeting customer expectations continually at all stages - design , manufacturing, and usage of the product . We build quality into the product at all steps and make sure that manufacturing quality is equal to quality of Design .With a vision to consolidate the existing rubber industry in the country, the company is committed towards attaining international standards in the quality of its rubber products

Rubbersindia Polymer Products Pvt Ltd is certified to ISO 9000 standard for its quality management system . The company has an exhaustive quality plan and follows stringent quality control systems to improve quality and consistency. Various inspection, audit and testing programs are undertaken to make sure that any non -conformance is prevented, and any defective material is not passed to the customer. The manufacturing facility is equipped to produce various types of reclaim rubber including Whole Tire Reclaim, butyl Rubber reclaim etc.